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Keeping your people engaged can be tricky, especially in January – its cold, dark and the bank balance is shocking!

So how do you keep your people engaged?

Team meetings

Everyone needs a sense of purpose, so having regular team meetings’, or even focus groups give people an opportunity to force on the year ahead, connect with your team by inspiring them to share ideas and explain how they can contribute to the success of the business. Positive reinforcements go a long way to boost motivation.



Communicate, communicate, and communicate as often as you can! Newsletters, create blogs, FAQS – all can be used to share the vision of your business, creating a culture of communication in which everyone share’s the common goal and works together.

People can’t perform well or be productive if they don’t clearly know what it is they are there to do and the part they play in the overall success of the business. Be sure to communicate your expectations.


Celebrate Success

A simple “Thank you” is a powerful motivator. Celebrate the success of your people, publicly acknowledging their contributions is just as important as financial rewards. People are your greatest asset and everyone contributes to the success of your business – celebrate it!


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