Hello to the Christmas Countdown

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Everywhere is starting to look festive and you can’t get through the working day without hearing the C word!

The countdown to Christmas and the end of the year is on and for a lot of companies this is also the end of the holiday year. Everyone is busy checking how much holiday they have left and working out how they can cram in their holiday before the end of the year to avoid the dreaded use it or lose it policy.

This is a great time to have a review and make sure that the policies that you have in place are working for you and your employees for the upcoming year. Do you want to shake up in the way you look at holidays? There are lots of ways that holiday can be used to reward and engage your employees, from unlimited holiday (not as scary as it sounds!) to a buying/selling scheme to those little extra days like birthday holidays and duvet days.

Every business is different and what works well in one will be a nightmare in another. Getting employees involved in any changes that you are thinking about will go a long way to an easier implementation because as you know holidays can be a divisive issue.

So, as we all gear up to slow down over the holidays take some time to think about what would make your holiday scheme a winner and if you need help with ideas and implementation you know where we are!

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